Break The Mold Productions 
Our Mission:

     Break the Mold specializes in producing theatrical events that celebrate diversity by focusing on individuals and ideas that Break the Mold. Our offerings are specifically tailored for colleges, and universities and small theatre venues.

Our Goal:
     To educate and to entertain. We strive to present productions that stimulate discussion, promote enthusiastic curiosity and foster critical thinking.

What Makes Us Unique:
     Our productions are affordable and easy to bring to your campus or theatre.  All can be presented on small stages or alternate spaces such as a lecture hall or multipurpose space.
     Our actors are educators too.  We will be happy to particpate in post-show discussions, workshops or classroom presentations.  Usually at no extra charge.
     We make it easy.  Each of our productions includes posters, fliers, and programs that you can customize and reproduce for your campus or community.
"People laugh at me because I am different.
 I laugh at them because they are all the same." 
Swami Vivekananda

Break The Mold Productions is based in New Orleans, Louisiana
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or call (504) 527-4816
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